Speaking at DevSum 2015

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This year I’ll be presenting at DevSum, which is the largest .NET conference in Sweden. I’ll be talking about Visual Studio Online, Microsoft cloud offering for your development projects. I will go through all the major features of VSO, such as source code hosting, agile planning tooling , automated builds, test management and integration with other 3rd party service such as Trello and AppVeyor. I will also talk about how you can migrate your existing projects to VSO


I’ve inserted the abstract of the session below, you can find the full information here


Hope to see you there!


Moving your development to the Cloud using Visual Studio Online

Did you know that Visual Studio Online supports all aspects of your development process? In addition to keeping track of your source code (using Git or TFVC), you
can manage your product- and sprint backlogs, run automated builds in the cloud, define and execute test plans and create and manage release pipelines using
Visual Studio Release Management. On top of this, VSO integrates with several other popular services such as Jenkins, AppVeyor, Trello and CampFire, which means
that you can move to VSO and still use other services in the ecosystem.

In this session we will do a complete tour of what Visual Studio Online has to offer, and discuss the differences and pros/cons compared with on premise.
We will also talk about how you can go about to migrate your development to VSO.

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