AssociateRecentWorkItems Extension available for Visual Studio 2015

I finally got around to upgrading the Inmeta AssociateRecentWorkItems extension to support Visual Studio 2015. Several people have contacted me about this, sorry that it took so long!


About the extension

This extension makes it easy to associate multiple checkins with the same work items, as it shows a list of the recently associated work items from which you can easily associate one with the current pending changes.

Osiris AssociateRecentWorkItems VS2015

Associating work items


Note about the rebranding

At the same time, I rebranded this extension to use the Osiris brand. Osiris being the company that I originally worked, before it was acquired by Inmeta. Now I don’t work for Inmeta anymore, so me and my former colleague Terje Sandström decided to bring back the Osiris name and created a GitHub account for it called OsirisOS (OS for open source then…).

It’s available over at and currently contain one repo for the AssociateRecentWorkItems extension. Hopefully we will add more cool and useful projects around Visual Studio ALM here, if you are interested in contributing, let us know!


The Osiris logotype

So, the extension is now called Osiris AssociateRecentWorkItems and is available at

Hope that you will find it useful. I do plan to add support for Git, when I get around to it! Please poke me if you want it done sooner than later.. 🙂

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